Carol Kelson, MFT, PhD

Carol KelsonCarol is a licensed marriage family therapist and a neurofeedback practitioner. She has a private practice at Larchmont, Beverly Hills, and in Culver City. In addition to her psychodynamic approach, she utilizes EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She is the Clinical Director for Center for Hope and Healing and supervises marriage family therapist trainees and interns. She also spends time supervising and doing neurofeedback work at The Salvation Army Bell Shelter, working with veterans and non-veterans with PTSD. Carol has a strong interest in helping those with trauma both here and abroad. Her current passion is Africa, working to help those traumatized historically from apartheid in South Africa and also those traumatized in Southern Sudan.

Ben Miller, MA
Neurofeedback Coordinator Salvation Army Bell Shelter

Ben MillerBen has extensive experience helping Veterans with PTSD. Ben has helped Veterans reduce symptoms ranging from lack of sleep to severe panic attacks. Ben has experience alleviating chronic pain, tinnitus, hyper alertness, excessive worry and many other anxiety related symptoms. Using Neurofeedback Ben has helped Veterans and Private clients improve memory, word finding, creativity and executive thought process. Ben realizes the importance of having the brain and body working together as efficiently as possible. Ben believes that Neurofeedback is a key component for Peak Performance in sports, arts and business. As an avid golfer, Ben especially enjoys working with golfers of different levels to help improve all facets of their games.

Clare Chisholm, MA

Clare ChisholmClare has 18 years of experience as a biofeedback/neurofeedback practitioner since she combined both modalities with counseling and therapy in her private practice as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the states of Washington and Montana. She is currently working toward licensure in California as well. Clare has specialized in sleep disorders and the full spectrum of anxiety disorders including PTSD. Most recently she has volunteered time at the Bell Shelter providing neurofeedback for veterans with PTSD through the Homecoming for Veterans Program. She also has extensive experience with ADD/ADHD clients as well as those diagnosed with chronic pain and migraine symptoms. She is very excited about the advances in the field of neurofeedback over the years and her association with Advance Neurofeedback.